saavikam77 (saavikam77) wrote in cloisfic,

Fic: Christmas in the Trenches | Superman Reeveverse | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | PG-13 | 1/1

Title: Christmas in the Trenches
Fandom: Superman Reeveverse
Pairing: Clark/Lois
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2,100
Prompt: For The 12 Days of Clois Christmas Challenge: #21: Gift Wrapping (2011); For the 2012 DCU Free For All Winter Holidays Challenge: Holiday Party, Hot Cocoa, Gifts; For my dcu_freeforall claim: Saint
Summary: Lois just doesn’t have enough time to get it all done. Clark doesn’t seem to understand that.
Disclaimer: DC and WB own everything, the schmucks.
Author's Notes: Wrote this one last year but never posted it. Doh! Also posted over here at 12days_of_clois.
Tags: pg-13, saavikam77, superman movieverse

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