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Horizontal | Clois Fic - Chapters 1-3 (NC-17)

Title: Horizontal
Author: Alison
Disclaimer: Characters belong to DC, WB, AlMiles, etc., etc., etc. Booty calls? I don't know what you're talking about. My experience comes from movies.
Fic Notes: This story was originally posted on the Divine Intervention forums before all NC-17 stories were removed.  This is not my story, but I'm reposting it for all the Clois lovers out there and I hope they enjoy.  Horizontal is one of my all time favorites.  This story takes place sometime between Season 6-7.

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

She’d had a long day and could tell he had, too. Reaching in her fridge, she grabbed a couple of bottles of Smirnoff and handed one to him. Surprisingly, he took it.

He’d come over to fix the leak in her shower. She’d been talking about it with the Kents and he overheard. For some reason he volunteered to come over one day to offer his services. She never knew that’d have multiple meanings.

She figured she wasn’t supposed to supervise him, but she couldn’t help it. It was in her nature. So, she sat on the old wooden stool in the bathroom and directed him on how he should fix the leaky pipe.

“Clark, are you sure that’s where that goes? I really think you oughta try something else, Smallville. That wrench doesn’t seem to be doing anything.”

He turned to look at her as he kneeled in the floor to reach the pipe by the antique clawfoot bathtub.

“You know what, Lois? If you think you know so much about this, why don’t you come over here and try it.”

She uncrossed her legs and stood, placing her hands on her hips.


He stood and motioned to the spot in the floor where he’d been.


She dropped to her knees and took a look at the pipe.

“Hey, hand me that wrench, Smallville.”

“I thought you said it wasn’t doing anything?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed in frustration.

“Maybe not with you, but let’s see what it does with me.”

She stuck her arm out behind her, not bothering to look at him. He dropped the wrench in her outstretched hand and watched as she went to work on the pipe.

“You see, Smallville. Maybe it just needs a woman’s touch. You men can be so rough somet-- AHHH!”

In her attempt to tighten the pipe, she’d accidentally broken it and water spewed forth everywhere in her tiny bathroom. He did his best to catch her as she quickly stood and spun around to get out of the way of the torrent of water. But it was no use.

She slipped as she spun into him and they both fell to the floor. It took her a moment to realize she’d fallen on top of him, the water still cascading from the pipe and falling all around them.

It shouldn’t have happened.

But in that moment, they saw what’d been burning deep behind their proud and stubborn eyes for the last year.

And so, they gave in.

No one could be sure who caved first. But they really didn’t care.

She dropped the wrench as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him. Their lips met as the water continued to rain down. He was pushing her, but she didn’t mind. She pushed back just as hard.

She never knew he could be so forceful. He shoved his tongue deep in her mouth, taking her by surprise. She was completely overwhelmed.

He reached up and grabbed her wet hair, running his fingers through it. She placed her hand on his cheek and then up into his thick black locks.

She couldn’t breathe. He moved his lips and began kissing her neck, her ear, her shoulder. She was enjoying it more than she should have. This was him, after all.

But she hadn’t had it in so long. It was okay to indulge every now and then. That’s why they called them ‘guilty pleasures’, right?

He rolled over and her back softly landed on the wet black and white tile floor. He continued to kiss her as his hand gently found its way to the hem of her shirt. Slowly, he worked his fingers under the fabric and his hand moved up her stomach. He pulled her shirt up and over her head and tossed it across the room.

She took a deep breath and let out a small moan. It’d been too long.

But she wasn’t going to let him have all the fun.

Her hands found their way to the buttons on his shirt. She began fumbling with them and finally gave up, eventually ripping it open as the buttons went flying through the water. He slipped it off and threw it to the side. His lips moved from her neck to her mouth as she tugged on his t-shirt and pulled it over his head, their lips separating only briefly.

She wrapped her arms around him and ran her hands along his back as he lay on top of her. That’s when she felt it. And he knew it.

He smiled in between his kisses and briefly stopped to look at her, winking as he spoke.

“Don’t worry. I’m always prepared.”

Author: Alison

Disclaimer: Characters belong to DC, WB, AlMiles, etc., etc., etc. I learned everything I needed to about smut from college. No, really. I did. You can ask my cat, but she ain't talking.

Part 2

She should be worried about all the water. She should be worried about the bill that would come from all the water. But it never crossed her mind.

“Just reach in my back pocket and pull it out.”

He was on top of her. His hands never stopped caressing her. They moved up and down, from the top of her jeans to her bra as he kissed her.

Where did he learn this?

Oh, who cares? He was amazing and that’s all that mattered. At least, in that moment.

She’d never been kissed like that. This was more than just a simple kiss. This had passion in it. This had desire.

He wanted her.

She reached in the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out the square wrapper. She should’ve questioned why he had one there in the first place. But again, she didn’t care.

Holding the wrapper in between her fingers, she placed her hands on the button of his jeans. He never stopped kissing her, rubbing her. She unbuttoned his jeans and tugged at his zipper as her fingers slowly slid under his boxers, just below the elastic.

She wanted him.

He let out a small moan as he continued to kiss her, plunging his tongue farther into her mouth. She became more excited and closed her eyes as he slowed his kisses and began very gently kissing her lips, nose and eyelids. He moved to her ear and lightly sucked her earlobe before his lips found their way to the side of her neck.

She couldn’t help it. They had to be closer.

She brought her leg up and stuck it in the crotch of his jeans and pushed, sliding them off of him.

He then reached down and grabbed the button on her jeans.


Well, yes, sir.

He unbuttoned them and momentarily rose off of her as he grabbed them from the bottom and whipped them off in one quick motion. Just like a magician with a tablecloth. Amazingly, her panties stayed on. Though, she knew it wouldn’t be long until they were wet and thrown to the side with their other clothes, too.

She was just about to enjoy shoving her hands back into his boxers when he suddenly grabbed her and flipped her over again. She was back on top.

He had that look in his eyes. That look. The bedroom eyes. Dreamy eyes.

He pulled her closer to him. She could feel him completely between her legs now. But she didn’t want it to stop. She didn’t want it to end. And she knew he didn’t either.

He reached around her back and before she knew it, he’d unhooked her bra. The straps fell off her shoulders as she began to press her hips into him. She could feel him now. He began to moan louder.

Her door was locked, right?

She slipped her arms out of her bra and, with one flick of her wrist, slung it in a puddle.

He smiled as he pulled her closer. They moaned in unison as she softly lay on top of him.

It was slower now. It was more sensual. She closed her eyes as she kissed him gently on the lips. He held her tightly around her waist, his hands wandering over her back and sliding under her panties.

She moved her lips to his neck and left soft wet kisses from his ear to his shoulder.

They shouldn’t be doing this.

But it was too late to turn back now.

He leaned up and began kissing her neck just below her ear as he kept one arm around her waist. His other hand began to massage her breast.

They were soaked. The water still rained down. Everything, from their clothes to every inch of the both of them was wet.

He rolled over again and this time laid her on the plush wet bathmat by the tub. Using both of his hands, he jerked her panties off and flung them across the room. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her, their lips crashing together.

It had to happen…now.

She flipped him over on his back on the bathmat and, leaning back on her heels, gave him a wicked smile as she very slowly pulled his boxers down.

Oh yeah. It had to happen right now.

He picked up the square wrapper she’d dropped when he whipped her jeans off and, placing a corner of it in between his teeth, ripped it open.


He handed it to her. She took it willingly. Pausing for a moment to take a breath, she gently put it on him, taking her time to let her hand slide all the way down him. He moaned and bucked his hips up as she slid it on. She crawled up to him and he wrapped his arms around her. She could feel it now. She could feel him now.

They began to kiss again. Passionately. Both were certain they’d never experienced anything like this with anyone before. It started happening. Faster and faster. When did he even slide in? She wasn’t sure. She didn’t care. He held her tightly and continued to kiss her hard as he ran his fingers through her long wet hair. She could feel it. She knew he could, too.

And then, it happened.

At the same time.

They held each other and then slowly released the breaths neither realized they’d been holding.

She collapsed on top of him. He was still inside. She didn’t want to move. His arms were still around her. Holding her. She felt…well. She felt wonderful. And she knew he did, too.

He moved his head slightly to look at her and smiled as the waterfall continued around them.

“So…I guess we should do something about that leak, don’t ya think?”

Author: Alison

Disclaimer: Characters belong to DC, WB, AlMiles, etc., etc., etc. I only own the story and a cd of a rare interview with Keith Urban and the Go-Gos. I know! It IS exciting, isn't it? My cat flips out at foreign accents, so she refuses to listen to it.

Part 3

He slowly pulled out and she gently fell to her side on the soaked bathmat.

As he pushed himself off the floor, she casually admired the view from behind. She got a little rise again. It all seemed to be perfect.

The shock was still there. What had just happened? Had she and he…? Had they just…?

What happened?

And, most importantly, why?

He peeled the wrapping off himself and casually tossed it in the trash as if he’d done it several times before. He then kneeled in the floor, still naked, and took another look at the pipe.

“Hey, why don’t you see if you can find us some dry clothes and some more towels while I try to fix this thing?”

The shock never left her. She nodded her head, even though he couldn’t see, and rose off the floor. She walked in her bedroom, found a t-shirt and a pair of shorts for her and a terrycloth robe for him. She grabbed some towels out of the linen cabinet. When she walked back in the bathroom, the waterfall had stopped and he turned to face her, running his hand through his hair as he stood by the old bathtub…naked.

Of course, she was still naked, too.

But he was holding a wrench…while naked. And still…excited.

That visual was almost too much.

His thick black hair was still wet and water droplets trickled down his body, forming small puddles at his feet. Her eyes followed the droplets as they traced the muscles of his body from head to toe.

She took a deep breath and let it out, releasing a small moan, too. She didn’t mean to, but at the moment, she couldn’t help it.

She shouldn’t be feeling this way. They shouldn’t have done what they just did. And they certainly shouldn’t be as casual and calm about it as they were.

But they were.

And it felt natural. For some very odd reason.

He walked towards her, taking the robe and towel from her hands.


He smiled and leaned down, kissing her on the cheek as he walked past her to the bedroom.

She stood motionless and mumbled softly once he’d left the tiny bathroom.

“What just happened?”

She quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around her. She didn’t bother to throw on her clothes. Questions needed to be answered and she didn’t have time for details.

Besides…he’d already seen her naked. What difference did it make now?

“Hey!” She followed him into her bedroom, watching as he tossed the robe on the back of her desk chair, wrapped the towel around his waist and collapsed on her bed. “Smallville, I think we need to talk about what just happened.”

He rolled over and looked at her.

“Lois, come lay down.” He padded the side next to him. She reluctantly walked around the bed and laid down, folding her arms across her chest as she lay on her back. He was still laying on his stomach next to her. He took her hand, causing her arms to uncross. “I think we both know this was eventually going to happen. Or, at least, that we wanted it to happen. Besides, I don’t think you can tell me that you didn’t enjoy it.”

Her jaw dropped, but in reality…she had no rebuttal. She sighed. He was right. She hated when he was right.

She also hated that he’d made her speechless. No, she didn’t like that at all.

She turned her head to look at him. He grinned and released her hand, but grabbed her around the waist and pulled her closer to him. She took a deep breath at his touch. Even through the towel around her body, she still trembled as he snaked his arm around her and began to gently massage her side.

She was starting to feel it all over again. As she stared into his baby blues, she knew he was feeling it, too.

He scooted up until his lips reached her neck.

She couldn’t move. She couldn’t do anything but lay there and take it.

Part of her was screaming, telling her to get up out of the bed and force him to leave. But it was no use.

She was beginning to ignore that part of her. Because, frankly, it just felt too good.

She rolled on her side and ran her fingers through his hair as he leaned in and his lips gently found hers. His fingers grasped the end of the towel tucked under her arm and slowly pulled, exposing most of her. She reached down and tugged at the towel around his waist until it fell to the side.

Her wet hair gave her a slight chill and she grasped the covers with her toes, pulling them up to her fingers. She then pulled them over their heads and watched him smile as she put her arm around him to pull him into her. Their lips met and she felt him again.

She’d never been with a guy that was this excited this often.

But she wasn’t complaining.

He pushed himself up and on top of her, keeping the covers over them with his hand. She was getting more excited and could feel him again. Part of her wanted him to just go ahead and shove it in. But the rest of her wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible.

He began to kiss her again. On the cheek, the forehead, the ear. His wet kisses traced her neck and he pressed his hips into hers as he gently sucked on her neck, just below her ear. She bucked her hips up against him and felt the tip of him. She wanted to scoot down so he’d slide in.

Protection briefly crossed her mind. Did he have any more? He did say he was always prepared, after all.

Of course, she was on the pill. She got on it after that one night with whats-his-name when she was seventeen. So, it’d be okay.

He was moving farther south. He hovered over her breasts and gently took each one in his mouth. While his mouth was on one breast, his hand massaged the other. His tongue moved in circles around her nipples, then he gently sucked and licked each one as her hands held his head and her fingers twirled his thick locks of hair.

But then…he completely took her by surprise.

The one hand that had been massaging her left breast all of a sudden found its way creeping south, caressing her side all the way. He very slowly stuck one finger in, then gradually pulled it out. She gasped and leaned her head back against the pillow. She could feel him smile as he ran his tongue down her stomach, past her belly button and then stop just above the hair line.

He wasn’t far enough that her arms still couldn’t reach his head, so she kept her fingers in his hair as he softly blew on her legs and everywhere else in between.

She never knew it could be like this. She’d only had this once before and it was over before she knew it.

No, this was…well. This was something else. Something better. This was with him. She never imagined.

Euphoria might be an understatement.

She took a breath as her eyes went wide. They closed as she exhaled and leaned her head back once again.

And then it happened. She knew it’s what he wanted to do and a part of her was aching for him to go ahead with it. But she never believed he’d actually do it.


To Be Continued

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