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A welcome is in order to cloisfic.

I thought I might write a brief message about why I've created this community and what I hope it becomes. I created it because I don't usually shuffle through fics at fanfiction.net, I like all incarnations of Lois and Clark, and I'd rather see an all-fic, all-the-time community so no one has to wade through conversation and/or graphics posts. That being said, I got the idea from 12days_of_clois, which just happens to be the best community I've found recently.

So, I hope that everyone can feel comfortable posting their one-shots, their sagas, their drabbles -- whatever you'd like -- here for those of us who don't go message board or fanfiction.net hunting. I know it can be a pain to have fics at a million different places, but I hope all great Clois writers consider making a stop here too.

If anyone is graphically inclined, I would love a header for the community. (I am also going to be looking around and fiddling myself.) And, if you'd like, spread the word. The more the merrier!

If you'd like to take a few moments and introduce yourself in the comments to this entry, we can all get to know each other! Converse, have fun!

Thanks and happy Clois reading!
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